Vintage Decoys, Hunting & Sporting Memorabilia, Rare Collectibles

by House Auction Company, Inc.


DEC. 1 thru DECEMBER 15, 2015 - ONLINE ONLY AUCTION Bidding BEGINS DEC. 1 & Bidding ENDS DECEMBER 15 @ 6:00 PM Eastern


HUGE Auction from TWO North Carolina Lifetime Collections Shipping available, OR purchases can be picked up at our Havelock warehouse Havelock, NC


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Starting Time

November 30, 2015 10:00 AM

Starting Time

November 30, 2015 10:00 AM

Starting Time

November 30, 2015 10:00 AM

Starting Time

November 30, 2015 10:00 AM

Nearly 300 Lots from TWO North Carolina Estates (one Living, one Deceased) - conducted by House Auction Company, Inc. - Decoys, Hunting & Sporting Memorabilia For Sale - MarkNet Alliance Member  


HUGE Assortment of Rare WINCHESTER Collectibles

Antique & Vintage Decoys from NC, MD, & other regions

Decoys by Roy H. Willis, Walter "Brother" Gaskill, James Gordon Salter, Nick Sapone, Ronnie Wade, Fred Lewark, Harry Jobes & others

Old Oyster Cans from NC, VA & MD

HUGE assortment of Old Vintage shot shell & .22 rimfire ammunition boxes - full,  partially full & some empty

Large Assortment of  old political pins & pocket knives

Rare & Old Hunting & Sporting Books, Magazines & Advertisements

Old Fishing Lures & Tackle

This is perhaps the largest, most eclectic & wide-ranging assortment of Hunting & Sporting Memorabilia we have ever sold in one Auction - Nearly 300 Lots


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Auction Ends DECEMBER  15, 2015 @ 6:00 pm


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Partial Listing:

Canada Goose decoy from Maryland with Madison Mitchell re-paint.
Corolla Beach Bird shorebird
Battery Redhead drake decoy with Ned Burgess head, old Currituck rigging
Canvas Snow Goose decoy by Nick Sapone, Wanchese, NC.
Canvas Canada Goose decoy by Ronnie Wade, Knotts Island, NC.
Dudley Style Canvasback drake decoy
Old Brant decoy from the Outer Banks, NC, and stick down Canada Goose Head
Canvas Goose decoy made by Fred Lewark, Knotts Island, NC.
Core Sound Style Pintail drake decoy by Doily Fulcher, Jr, in the style of Mitchell Fulcher
Pair of Canvasback decoys, drake and den, made by Harry Jobes, Aberdeen, MD.
Four (4) Miniature Decoys - Loon, Canvasback drake, Mallard drake by Walter Gaskill 
Canvasback hen by Harry R. Jobes, Aberdeen, MD, plus Green-Wing Teal stick down with stand.
Old Squaw drake decoy by Charles Fish, Chincoteague, VA., plus unknown Old Squaw decoy
Full-sized Canada Goose decoy by Harry R. Jobes, Aberdeen, MD, with great paint.
Beautiful mid-size Swan decoy by Harry Jobes, Aberdeen, MD.
Mid-size Canada Goose decoy and miniature iron Canvasback drake decoy by Harry Jobes, Aberdeen, MD.
Mid-size Swan decoy by Harry R. Jobes, Aberdeen, MD and miniature Canada Goose decoy by Art Boxlietner, PA
Full-sized Canada Goose decoy by Harry R. Jobes, Aberdeen, MD.
Box lot with rare Hooded Merganser drake decoy by Roy H. Willis, Stacy, NC, plus a coot and 2 Canvasbacks drakes by James Salter, HI.
Box lot with drake Bufflehead decoy by Nick Sapone, Wanchese, NC, and a pair of cast iron Canvasback decoys by Harry R. Jobes, plus more.
10 miniature decoys by Roy H. Willis, Stacy, NC - Swan, Canada Goose, Loon, Brant, Blackhead, Mallard, Widgeon, Pintail, Green-wing Teal, and Gadwall
10 miniatures decoys by Roy H. Willis, Stacy, NC - Old Squaw, Red-breasted Merganser, Seagull, Canvasback, Bufflehead, Coot, Blue Goose, and more.
Great large lot of various decoy weights, including one by Clyde Whitehurst that is stamped RHW for Roy Hilton Willis.
Lot includes various decoy weights, including one by Clyde Whitehurst that is stamped RHW for Roy Hilton Willis.
Lot includes various decoy weights, including one lead mushroom weight from the hunting rig of Henry Murphy of Davis, NC.
Lot of four (4) decoys by various makers.
Great collection of duck hunting, decoy collecting and making, and various other hardback and paperback wildfowl related books.
Great assortment wood and plastic decoy stands in a variety of sizes, colors, and design.
Terrific assortment of collectible shot shell boxes- Remington, Super X, Peters, Federal, and more.
Wonderful assortment of collectible shot shell boxes- Remington, Federal, Western Upland, Victor, and more.
Assortment of collectible shot shell boxes - Remington, Peters, Western Super X, and more.
Assortment of collectible shot shell boxes - Remington, Winchester, Peters, and more.
Full Shot Shell Boxes - Peters and Remington.
Full Shot Shell Boxes - Peters, Remington, Western Super X, and more.
Great assortment of collectible shot shell boxes - Remington, Winchester, plus an RJ Allen cigar box, and more.
Collectible Remington and Winchester Shot Shell boxes, plus loose shells and hulls.
Interesting box lot contains a song bird, turkey call, iron swan paperweight, old handcuffs and animal traps.
Great large collection of oyster cans from Beaufort and Morehead City, NC, and Chincoteague, VA.
Interesting lot of gun ammunition, cleaning tools, and supplies.
Terrific collectible Peters and Winchester metal signs, vintage leather belts, plus Peters/Federal/Remington belt buckles.
Nice Remington and Winchester metal signs, plus a collection of interesting shark's teeth, coral, and other fossils.
Large collection of wonderful vintage political pins dating from 1964 to 2004, in a display box. 
Nice assortment of political pins in two (2) display boxes, including some vintage Nixon and McGovern/Shriver pins.
Great assortment of collectible pins and badges, which includes political pins, Boy Scouts, and more.
Lot of three (3) vintage fishing reels - Penn, Herters, and Shakespeare, plus boxes.
Wonderful variety of vintage fishing items - Shakespeare and Manhattan Special reels, lures, fish hooks, plus more.
Vintage rods and reels by Garcia and Penn, with paperwork and case.
Wonderful collection of assorted vintage fishing lures - Bomber, Heddon, Creek Chub
Fabulous collection of assorted vintage fishing lures - Jitterbug, Heddon, Cisco Kid
Great assortment of wooden, cork, and plastic collectible fishing bobbers and floats. 
Interesting collectibles from Puerto Rico and Alaska, including a horn to call hounds.
Interesting assortment of collectible fishing items, including a cast net and landing net.
Vintage Herter's Tackle Box stuffed full of various fishing items, including hooks, line, weights, and lures.
Fisherman's Treasure Chest Tackle Box!  Hidden treasures await in this vintage tackle box...
"Collection" Tackle Box is filled to the brim with assorted fishing supplies…bobbers, floats, fish hooks, sinkers, and more.
Great assortment of vintage full or partially full boxes of Remington shot shells in 12, 16, and 20 gauges.
Wonderful collection of collectible full or partially full vintage shot shell boxes- Remington, Winchester, Super X, and more!
Variety of vintage full or partially full vintage shot shell boxes - Peters, Remington, Winchester, and more!
Assortment of collectible shell boxes, all full or partially full, in various gauges - JC Higgins, Churchill, Peters, and more.
Nice grouping of collectible shell boxes, all full or partially full, in various gauges - Peters, Western Super X, Churchill, and more!
Variety of collectible shell boxes, all full or partially full, in various gauges - Western Super X, Peters, Federal, and more!
Assortment of rare Winchester collectibles, including a hard to find Winchester 125th Anniversary tin and shells.
Collection of collectible shell boxes, in  various gauges - Winchester Ranger, Holland & Holland, Western Xpert, and more!
Assortment of great shot shell boxes plus a decorative Winchester shell box in excellent condition.
Variety of collectible shell boxes, including Peters, Winchester, Xpert and more.
Collectible shot shell boxes in various gauges - Monark, Holland & Holland, plus other brands.
Collectible shot shell boxes in various gauges - Winchester, Holland & Holland, and more.
Variety of collectible shell boxes, in  various gauges - Winchester, Peters, and Holland & Holland, and more.
Collection of collectible shell boxes, in  various gauges - Winchester Ranger, Holland & Holland, Western Xpert, and more!
Assortment of collectible rifle ammo boxes, all full or partially full, in various gauges, plus one vintage box from Frankford Arsenal, dated 1959.
Variety of collectible rifle ammo boxes, including Peters, Winchester, Remington and more.
Collectible rifle ammo cartridge boxes in varying caliber by Kynoch, Speer, plus a rare Holland & Holland Cartridge display and Bell 45 cartridge.
Large assortment of 22 caliber ammo boxes inside a very interesting cigar box, including Remington, Federal, American Eagle, and more.
Nice group of Remington 22 caliber cartridge boxes, plus a beautiful, unopened, Remington collectible tin gift set.
Collectible cartridge boxes in varying calibers from Peters, Western Super X, and a full box of Winchester 9mm.
Interesting and rare assortment of  cartridge boxes, cartridges, and reloading supplies, plus one full box of Remington 32 S&W.
Collectible cartridge boxes, in various gauges, including Winchester, Western XPert, Western, Canuck, and more.
Great assortment of collectible cartridge boxes by Winchester, Western Super X, Western, and more.
Variety of full and partially full collectible cartridge boxes, in various gauges, including Remington, Federal, Aguila, and more.
Terrific array of collectible items including (2) vintage gourds used as powder horns, Bean's Water-Proof Dressing, and much more.
Wonderful selection of various Winchester and Colt advertising memorabilia and collectibles, promotional items, belts, buckles, and more.
Air rifle related items, a Red Rider Daisy 650 Carbine BB gun box, and a nice wooden Peters air rifle shot box.
Variety of items includes Canada Goose silhouette, (2) factory decoys, and a rare 1992 issue of Wildlife in NC magazine featuring Nick Sapone.
This decoy set includes a Drake Mallard duck decoy by Herter's and a  Canada Goose silhouette.
Neat collection of various game calls by the P.S. Olt Company, an original recoil pad, plus a canvas and leather shotgun case, and more.
Fantastic set of (2) Winchester framed prints and (3) vintage primer boxes, some of which are partially full and some are empty.
Collectible signs include a Coca Cola tin sign, Heddon's Rods and Tackle metal sign, and an Erie Dearie lures tin sign, plus a Winchester wall plaque.
Nice Western Ammunition advertising plaque, Winchester mirror, and (2) vintage Winchester catalogs.
Beautifully framed calendar print of unknown vintage, with artwork by Fredric Remington, with a 2005 Winchester calendar, unopened.
Collection of interesting Winchester paper memorabilia of mixed vintage, including a sales manual from 1938 and a 1967 catalog.
Nice set of (2) framed prints of unknown vintage, as shown, as well as a vintage and rare Winchester flashlight.
Great Winchester collectibles, including a glass set, gun grease, coffee tin, and vintage photo.
Winchester advertising memorabilia, including a price list from 1941, a beautiful porcelain reproduction sign, and an Olin era flashlight
Fantastic set of Winchester advertising signs.
An array of interesting Winchester collectibles, including various paper memorabilia and the book Winchester, and American Legend by RL Wilson.
Great assortment of Winchester collectibles, including various paper memorabilia, (2) books, and a nice Winchester Western metal sign!
Large variety of vintage paper collectibles and memorabilia from various firearm manufacturers such as Savage Arms, Colt, and more.
Vintage Winchester collectibles, including various paper memorabilia and a signed copy of the book  The Winchester Era, numbered 1 of 1000.
Winchester advertising memorabilia includes an embossed metal sign, a printed wooden sign, unopened 2005 Winchester calendar, and a counter mat.
Great pair of Winchester signs, including a nice unopened metal sign as well as a nicely framed and matted Winchester advertisement.
Fantastic collectible Winchester sign, plus a vintage copy of the Winchester, The Gun That Won The West and an unusual Winchester rubber mat.
Signed First Edition of The Winchester Model Twelve book, numbered 1 of 1000, by George Madis, and a wonderful Winchester limited edition knife set.
Antique Winchester knives, a 2005 Winchester calendar and a 2005 Limited Edition Winchester printed tin.
Various vintage collectible firearm advertising memorabilia.
Vintage firearm advertisements and an autographed first edition copy of the book Winchester Dates of Manufacture, by George Madis, numbered 1 of 1000.
Huge assortment of vintage collectible firearm advertisements.
Various vintage collectible firearm advertising memorabilia, some with great colors!
Great variety of vintage collectible firearm advertisements.
 Selection of very rare Winchester collectibles, including a woodchuck target, Shooting Holidays magazine and a 1941 Winchester Ammunition Price List.
Assortment of (4) nicely framed animal prints.
Neat selection of vintage advertisements and sales material from various firearm manufacturers like Savage Arms, Marlin Sporting Firearms, and Colt.
Several vintage sporting catalogs from various manufacturers like Remington, L.L. Bean, and RVIS.
Large variety of vintage paper collectibles and memorabilia from various  manufacturers like Remington, Winchester and Nosler.
Winchester advertising collectibles, including catalogs and the book A Catalog Collection of 20th Century Winchester Repeating Arms, Co., and more.
Assortment of (3) nicely framed waterfowl prints.
Set of (2) nicely framed prints featuring various fowl, plus a 1997 limited edition Ducks Unlimited print with mirrored matting, numbered 4101.
Pair of informative Winchester books, Winchester Shotguns and Shells and The Standard Catalog of Winchester and a partial bag of lead shot.
Assorted lot of interesting vintage advertising and other memorabilia, spanning several subjects.
North Carolina literature, including The State magazine, and North Carolina as a Cavil War Battleground 1861-1865, and The Tucker Littleton Notes.
Various bound literary works affiliated with North Carolina including volumes #3 and #4 of The Tucker Littleton Notes.
North Carolina literature including a wonderful 1902 NC directory with a handwritten letter from North Carolina Governor Terry Sanford.
Variety of historical and vintage sportsman related pamphlets and a pre-1900 steamship license.
Vintage military and civilian postcards from North Carolina, a vintage bicycle plate, and an autographed photo from MLB player Pee Wee Reese!
Interesting vintage North Carolina, Maine, and French postcards.
Vintage firearm and ammunition memorabilia and advertising from Lyman and more.
Assorted lot of sporting magazines from the mid 20th century, including a recent edition of Hunting & Fishing Collectibles Magazine.
Large variety of vintage paper collectibles and memorabilia from various firearm manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Winchester, and more.
Nice array of collectible canoe and firearm catalogs, including materials from Ruger and Savage Arms, as well as a 1965 Abercrombie catalog.
Important selection of Winchester literature, including a signed, limited edition of The Winchester Book, by George Madis, and numbered 1 of 1000.
Vibrantly colored paper label from Blue Grass lines, Louisville, Kentucky, as well as a Charles Leonard Hardware Co. catalog.
Pair of vintage catalogs: Sears, Roebuck from 1927 and Udell Hardware from 1954.
Sizeable collection of reprinted photographs of Franklin Roosevelt and his campaign for Senate, Vice President, and President.
Lovely National Institute First Violin with bow, in case. Condition as shown.
Nice violin with wonderful patina surface with a lined and zippered case. 
Violin with worn surface and missing tuning keys.  Appears to be very early.
Various antique items including an ice shaver, mess kit, a pocket scale, an empty vintage Singer sewing machine box and a unique Turkish ladle.  
Rare North Dakota Centennial 1889-1989 beer bottle and collectible empty Schmidt, Schell's, Stag, and Carlsberg Elephant Beer cans.
Great selection of (5) Swiss Army style tools of various brands, including one by Victorinox, 'the original Swiss Army Officers' Knife,' with box. 
Vintage handsaw and interesting large knife from Japan with canvas and leather sheath stamped 'Brauer Bros 1917.'
Unique collection of knives, including an early Case knife, a vintage Nehi knife , and an unusual knife that appears to be Turkish or Persian.
Masonic straight razor, J.R. Torrey straight razor, assorted antique letter openers, vintage emory boards, and more.
Very nice vintage 'Camillus' brand knives wooden display case in working condition with key, plus other collectible knife memorabilia.
Great assortment of (5) collectible knives, including Camillus, Gerber, Remington, and (1) vintage George Schrade foldable fork.
One Camillus folding knife and one J.A. Henckels folding knife.
(4) folding knives, including (2) Wild Turkey, (1) Remington Mother of Pearl Collection, and (1) unopened Remington Country Christmas knife and tin.
Huge collection of various kinds of knives and multi-tools from an assortment of manufacturers and locations, including The National Rifle Association
Varied assortment of special knives, including a Hawkbill, Smokers 3-in-1, Colonial salesman sample, a Camillus, and more.
Fantastic group of fishing tools, including a vintage German made scale, a Ruko Shark filet knife, and a scaler/knife combination tool.
Variety of knives, including (2) Fury Sporting Cutlery Daggers, one belt knife with sheath, (1) belt knife with a partially serrated blade and lanyard
Rare 1985 Case XX Roy Acuff (King of Country Music) Commemorative knife and music box set, from a limited edition of 5000.
Pair of vintage tools, including a cane knife/machete and an early but well crafted long-bladed knife.
Great set of (2) wooden hide stretchers with warm patina, (1) stamped with the number '2.'
Collectible Levi Garrett & Sons tobacco snuff bottle, a very early Arabic letter stamp, a German whistle, WWII era military pins, and more.
Wonderful assortment of collectible tobacco and fertilizer memorabilia including tins, a Smith-Douglass burlap fertilizer bag, and more.
Fantastic autographed Jim "Catfish" Hunter baseball, with accompanying autographs from Francis Combs, Bobby Carter, and others.
Nice collectible autographed Bob Feller baseball, plus a vintage Staten Island Power Squadron 2nd Place award cup/trophy.
Collectible SuperDux Waterproof Sport Clothing match safe made by Hamilton Carhartt Co, a vintage shoe button hook, and more.
Very important and rare 1907 United States "woodchopper" $5 note.
Wonderful collection of tobacco bullet pencils from various agricultural companies plus vintage tins.
Nice array of (3) vintage Richard Hudnut 'Three Flowers' Face Powder make-up tins and (3) glass bottles.
Terrific glass rolling pin plus a 'Caroline Brand' lard tin with warm colors. 
Vintage Pepsi, Orange Crush, and Atlantic bottles.
Vintage Pepsi, Grapette, and Nesbitts bottles.
Great Rogers' Golden Syrup tin, a Thompson's Fireside hushpuppy mix tin and a vintage fish scale.
Interesting set of sub-Saharan spears and (1) United States Marine Corps pith helmet with Marine Corps emblem on it.
Collectible assortment of items, including (1) pith helmet, (1) recurve bow, (2) arrows with field tips, vanes, and nocks, and (1) spear.
Unusual Tribal spear or gig plus a  small two-ended spear.
Wonderful United States Marine Corps pith helmet with Marine Corps emblem on it and (1) vintage two-ended spear.
Collectible vintage weaponry, includes (1) small two-ended spear and one (1) spear head.
A good selection of Chris Craft, Evinrude, and Johnson boating memorabilia and tools. 
Two nice collectible oyster cans from Virginia. (1) is a large gallon tin from Cornwell's, and (1) is  from H.V. Drewer.
A great pair oyster tins from Virginia. (1) is a lidded Sparrer can, and the second is a 16 oz T.A. Treakle & Son with wonderful color and graphics.
Fantastic set of early North Carolina oyster tokens, all from Carteret County, with a framed Luther's Fulton Market Oyster House advertisement.
Vintage Saltesea oyster container, Bumble Bee Brand salmon tin, and fantastic paper label from Red Bill Salmon.
Collectible oyster cans, which includes (1) 1 gallon size, from Booth of Kilmarnock, ViA and (1) 8 oz can from Cap'n John's of Montuage, NJ.
Pair of oyster tins: (1) can is a 12 oz Quality Oysters of Ray's Seafood, MD, and (1) can is an early 1/4 gallon tin of Shelter Island, New York.
Collection of (3) oyster tins, including (1) 1 gallon Wentworth, MD, with lid; a 16 oz Quinby brand, VA; and an 8 oz tin of B.E. Miilis & Son, NC.
Set of (2) collectible oyster cans: (1) 1 gallon tin of J. Newton from Grimstead, VA; and  (1) 16 oz of B.F. Millis & Son from Sneads Ferry, NC.
A pair of (2) collectible 1 gallon scallop tins from Ocean Classics, from Gloucester, VA, and Capt. Malc's from Hampton, VA.
A set of (2) vintage oyster tins: (1) 1 gallon Sparrer from Hampton, VA, and (1) 8 oz tin of Port Mahon OYS CO from Port Mahon, DE.
Seafood memorabilia includes (1) Sun Breeze brand 1 gallon Fishing Chum tin and an early envelope from Frank Pettis Oysters/Washington Oyster Market.
Map set includes a copy of a 1916 North Carolina highway map and a chart published by USCGS, depicting Bogue Inlet to Old Topsail Inlet, Nov. 9, 1918.
Early USCGS maps, (1) North Island to Isle of Palms, SC, May 11, 1922; (1) Little River Inlet and part of Long Bay, SC, April 10, 1922.
Early USCGS  charts :(1) New River Inlet to Cape Fear, May 18, 1937;(1) Cape Hatteras Wimble Shoals to Ocracoke Inlet, May 18, 1937.
Early USCGS charts, showing (1) Portsmouth Island to Beaufort, Including Cape Lookout Shoals, May 18, 1937;(2) Cape Lookout to New River, Nov. 10 1956
Collectible house wares, including depression era eyeglasses and case; (2) molded colorful fish; a Commemorative Edition Wedgewood serving plate and more.
Vintage firearm catalogs and sporting auction catalogs, and a great image of an offshore fisherman from the Saturday Evening Post dated February 1935..
Collection of early 1900's Protestant prayer books.
Assorted books - Success with Game in Camp or Kitchen, Survival, Soldier's Three by Kipling, Black Rock, and Picturesque Sketches of American Progress
Collection of small sized books, including Swift's Gulliver's Travels and Grimm's German Household Tales, and more.
Vintage trio of hardback books, titles include The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, copyright 1931. 
Assorted books, including The Many Loves of Buffalo Bill, The True Story of Life on the Wild West Show, The Young Forrester by Zane Grey, and more.
Variety of books, including Under the Tonto Rim by Zane Grey, a First Edition;  Cowboys North and South, written/illustrated by Will James, and more.
Fantastic array of political and military memorabilia, including the official program of the inaugural ceremonies for Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1957.
Assorted hardcover military books, including Day of Infamy; Helmet For My Pillow;  The Patton Papers 1885-1940 ; Fortress Without a Roof: and Airwar. 
Variety of firearm books, includes a nice, large edition of New Encyclopedia of Handguns; and a First Edition Modern Shotguns & Loads, copyright 1929. 
Set of firearm books, including Complete Book of Rifles & Shotguns by O'Conner, noted as a First Edition written in pen on copyright page, and more.
Nice set of firearm books, including Guns, The World of Guns, The American Rifleman Magazine, dated September 1940, Guns of the World, and more.
Informative pair of firearm books, including Stoeger The Shooter's Bible No. 52, 1961; and Gun Traders Guide, copyright 1983.
Vintage firearm books, including a Herters catalog dated 1962; a 15th Anniversary 1961 Gun Digest De Luxe Edition; and 1944 1st Annual The Gun Digest.
Collection of firearm books, including several Gun Digests, and a Department of Treasury/ATF Federal Regulations of Firearms and Ammo booklet. 
Assortment of military books, including the titles Marine Corps Sniping, Death from Afar IV, The Arms of Krupp, and The Unknown Patton.
Selection of various hardcover military books, including Inside the Third Reich, Memoirs by Albert Speer, noted as First Printing, Air Force, and more
Interesting array of novels and military-themed books, including the titles Bula Matari,  Man Eaters of Kumaon, A Sparrow Falls, plus more.
Collection of (4) books, including The Patton Papers, noted as a First Printing; Winston Churchill; and Scouting on Two Continents, copyright 1926. 
Terrific set of fishing books, including Fisherman's Bounty, Salt Water Fishing, Esquire's Book of Fishing, noted as a First Edition, and more.
Variety of firearm books, including Confederate Guns and Their Current Prices, Antique Firearms, Redbook of Used Gun Values, and more.
Vintage novels and books, including The Claw; The Beasts of Tarzan; Jock of the Bushveld; Man Eaters of the Kumaon; and Dark Safari.
Assorted paperback firearm books, including (5) Department of the Army Field manuals and The Book of the Springfield.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Sixguns and Bullseyes, Modern Gunsmithing, and  A Rifleman Went to War.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Sixguns and Bullseyes and Modern Gunsmithing.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Sixgun Cartridges and Loads, Automatic Pistol Marksmanship, and Advance Gunsmithing.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books -  Automatic Pistol Marksmanship,  22 Caliber Rifle Shooting, and Textbook, Firearms Investigation, Identifications, Evidence.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Big Game Rifles and Cartridges,  Telescopic Rifle Sights, and Ordinance Went Up Front.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Big Game Rifles and Cartridges, and Military & Sporting Rifle Shooting.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books -  The Woodchuck Hunter, Elementary Gunsmithing, and Handloading Ammunition.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books -  Modern Gunsmithing, and with british snipers.
Assortment of paperwork about Thomas Samworth and an autographed First Edition book, Samworth Books, A Descriptive Bibliography.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Firearm Blueing and Browning, and Big Game Hunting and Marksmanship.
Various paperwork about Samworth and (1) book, Firearm Design & Assembly, A Samworth Booklet on Firearms, No. 4
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Pistols and Revolvers, and Textbook of Firearms Investigation, Identification, & Evidence.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books -Modern Gunsmithing, and Modern American Rifles.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books -Sixguns and Bullseyes, copyright 1936; and Textbook of Firearms Investigation, Identification, & Evidence.
Collectible T.G. Samworth books - Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft, Gunstock Finishing, and Textbook of Automatic Pistols.
Variety of vintage firearm books, including Shooter's Bible No. 79, 1988, English Pistols & Revolvers, copyright 1938 by T.G. Samworth, and more.
Vintage books, including A Brief History of the US; How to Read Character, Phrenology & Physiognomy, copyright 1896; and Mistakes in Teaching.
Assorted vintage books, including America, copyright 1894; Fiction, Film, F. Scott Fitzgerald; and Radio Melodies.
Set of (2) books, including a Boy Scouts of America Handbook for Boys, dated Sept. 1945; and Rage.
Set of (3) hard cover books, including African Rifles & Cartridges, Adventures in the African Jungle, and Man-Eaters of Kumaon.
Collection of (3) vintage books, including In Darkest Africa, CPR 1890; The Young Lion Hunter, by Zane Grey, CPR 1939;  and Africa, CPR 1929-31.
Pair of hard cover books, including The Black Hills or Last Hunting Grounds of the Dakotahs, copyright 1974; and The New Hunter's Encyclopedia.
(4) Hunting books, including I Don't Want to Shoot An Elephant, First Edition, CPR 1958, and Hunting Secrets of the Experts, First Edition, CPR 1964.
Variety of hunting books, including Hunting in North America, First Edition; My Health is Better in November; and Hunting Trails.
Pair of hard cover books, Duck Shooting Along the Atlantic Tidewater; and Field & Stream Treasury.
Fishing and boating books, including Fishing the Atlantic, Sport Fishing Boats, The New Complete Book of Small Boats, and The Compact Book of Boating.
Variety of fishing books, including The Flying Fisherman; Esso Fishing & Hunting Guide to North Carolina; The Little Book of Fishing, First Printing.
Various fishing books, including American Big Game Fishing, a limited edition; Salt Water Fishing Tackle, First Edition, copyright 1939; and more.
Collection of fishing books, includes Profiles in Saltwater Angling; Fishing All Waters, paperback, First Printing; A Golden Guide - Fishing.
Vintage military books and magazines, including The Evening Bulletin, a collection of reproduced newspapers from WWII, and more.
Assortment of vintage books, includes American Firearms Makers, and other war related books.
Various books, includes Antique Guns; Airwar; and War Volume, Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia
Trio of collectible books, including Airwar; Summary of the War and its Consequences, Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia, copyright 1946; and Guns.
Pair of paperback books, including Hunter, Trader, Trapper, dated December 1912; and Arms of the World -1911. 
 Set of (2) firearms books, including US Martial Pistols & Revolvers, with dust jacket; and 31st Anniversary of Gun Digest, 1977 Deluxe Edition.
Set of (2) firearms books, including Stoeger Arms Corporation Catalog, No. 33; and 17th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values.
Collection of (4) hunting and firearm books, including Guns and Gunning; The Sportsman and His Family Outdoors; The Wingshooter's Handbook, and more.
(2) hunting and firearms books, including Hunting, hard cover with dust jacket, copyright 1980/81; and Shooter's Bible No. 64, 1973 Edition, paperback
Variety of (3) firearm books, including the Shooter's Bible; Shooter's Bible Treasury; and The Book of Rifles.
Set of firearm books, includes the Shooter's Bible, No. 56, 1965, paperback; and The Gun Collector's Handbook of Values, 1975-76.
Collection of firearm books, including the Shooter's Bible No. 68, 1977; Shooter's Bible No. 76, 1985; and The Complete Book of Shooting.
Assortment of firearm books, including The Shotgun Book and The Rifle Book, both by Jack O'Connor; and 14 Old Gun Catalogs, 1859-1902.
Variety of (3) paperback firearm collecting books, including Gun Collector's Digest; The Shotgunner's Bible; and Guns, Antique and Modern.
(2) vintage copies of Stoeger's The Shooter's Bible, No. 44 dated 1953, and No. 50 dated 1959 which is the Golden Anniversary Edition.
Set of (3) firearm books, including Gun Digest, 30th Anniversary 1976 Deluxe Edition; The American Rifleman magazine; and the Official Gun Book.
Large assortment of firearm, knife, and militaria books and magazines.
Variety of knife literature, including The Gun Digest Book of Knives, paperback; Collector Knives, paperback; and various knife magazines.
Assorted books, including Huxford's Old Book Value Guide, Price Guide to Flea Market Treasures, and Flea Market Trader
Vintage collectible paper memorabilia includes Kedge Anchor Maryland Yacht Club Silver Jubilee program, dated August 10, 1934 and Norman Rockwell book
Books include a First Edition of Our Will Rogers, 1953; Front Porch Old Time Songs, Jokes & Stories and Reprints from Sing Out, The Folk Song Magazine
Pair of hard cover books, includes Rock City Barns, First Edition with dust jacket, copyright 1996; and Back Home, History of Citrus County Florida.
Set of (3) collectible books by Theodore Roosevelt, including The Naval War of 1812, Part I and II and Wilderness Writings, First Edition.
Vintage edition of Roosevelt's Writings, hard cover, copyright 1920, plus The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt, paperback book.
Books by Theodore Roosevelt, including Hunting Trips of a Ranchman,  and Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail, with illustrations by Fredric Remington.
Theodore Roosevelt's Letters To His Children, hard cover book, copyright 1919.
Framed photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Vintage First Edition of Ranching with Roosevelt, copyright 1926.
Collectible First Trade Edition of The Partnership That Saved the West, Roosevelt and Churchill, with dust jacket, copyright 1976.
Early Through the Brazilian Wilderness, hard cover book. 
Interesting book, Hunting Big Game in the Eighties, Letters of Elliott Roosevelt, copyright 1932.
Set of (2) collectible books, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, by Roosevelt, and The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill, copyright 1954. 
My Early Life by Winston S. Churchill, hard cover.
Vintage edition of Through the Brazilian Wilderness, by Roosevelt, copyright 1914. 
Collectible edition of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, by Theodore Roosevelt and Kermit Roosevelt, copyright 1926.
Vintage collectible edition of Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter by Theodore Roosevelt.


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